The Employee Feedback Super Pack

Be handier than a roll of duct tape with these plug-&-play templates for giving feedback, delegating and having difficult conversations...LIKE A BOSS

Four QUICK, SIMPLE & STEP-BY-STEP frameworks:

> How to Give Informal Feedback

> How to Have Difficult Conversations

> How to Give Formal Feedback

> How to Delegate

For you to download and copy, right now.


Hi, I'm Michael...

Just by getting to this page, you have set yourself apart and made the clear statement that you desire to improve your management ability. My compliments to you for your desire to both improve your professional skills and your ability to make other peoples' professional lives more fulfilling. This resource was created to assist you in that effort.

I hope you enjoy my no-bull approach!

𝗪𝗵𝗼 𝗮𝗺 𝗜

We'll get to know each other soon enough.

But since you're reading...after spending more than a decade practising as a clinician and health services manager in the tertiary and mental health sector, I trained as a lawyer, busted my rear end at business school, ran a biotechnology company and founded a management consulting firm (which I run now).

I'm also the proudest father ever of two - Madison and Henry, plus Evie the Labrador, loving husband to Rachel (err, minus the eulogy vibes, thx...), exercise fanatic ...and an eater of egregious amounts of ice cream.

Nice to meet you!