A no-bull approach to the business of workplace wellbeing? You're in the right place.


To change the way we think about wellbeing

If you believe the headlines, business is suffering epidemics of workplace wellbeing shortcomings. Reviews into the failures and scandals in organisations over several decades have too often identified organisational and employee wellbeing shortfalls as leading to those failings. Although widespread and fundamental cultural change is typically prescribed as the remedy, those recommendations seldom address the crux of the matter: the nuanced task of creating thriving workplace wellbeing for sustained improvements in organisational performance.


A blueprint to cultivate a thriving culture

The remedy that works: a step-by-step blueprint for creating a thriving workplace culture. From data analytics and diagnostics to strategic planning and leadership development, from developing a growth climate to creating the conditions in which your people can self-motivate, and from deploying evidence-based programs and resources to embracing continuous quality improvement: I move beyond outdated programs to contemporary and science-based models that are built to sustain change. If you want workplace wellbeing that sticks, then you are in the right place.

Who Is Michael Barrell?

I bring over 15 years of health, wellbeing and productivity experience to my clients. A commercially astute, results driven and entrepreneurial consultant, I help businesses transform through enhancing workplace wellbeing and behavioural change.

Does Michael Have What You Need?

After spending more than a decade practising as a clinician and health services manager in the tertiary and mental health sector, I trained as a lawyer, completed business school and founded a biotechnology company.

Obsessed with the business, legal and social case for better organisational and employee wellbeing in business, I have since embraced organisational wellbeing as a core business strategy.

It's through my training and consulting programs that I can share this knowledge with those who need it most.

Michael's Education

Michael holds degrees in business, law and health:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School

Graduate Diploma, Legal Practice – College of Law

Juris Doctor (JD / LLM) – Monash University

Graduate Diploma, Nursing Practice (Psych) – University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Nursing – Federation University

Michael is a father of two - Madison and Henry, plus Evie the Labrador, husband to Rachel, exercise fanatic

...and an eater of egregious amounts of ice cream.



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