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About...Michael Barrell

A Mercifully Brief Introduction

Hey, I'm Michael

That’s me in the photo right there trying to give you a fairly quasi-professional looking picture of myself (a bit of a false air of legitimacy there). I really don’t look like that all the time. Usually dressed in a pair of shorts and a surf t-shirt chasing my kids around..

I’m known as one of the few boutique management consultants that exclusively serves emerging leaders and first-time managers - essentially folks who are in their first few years of a management role.

New-manager education is a big part of what I do. So I’m the creator of a couple of  training and mentoring programs such as Boss by Design™, the Workplace Wellbeing Blueprint™ and - most recently - PROMOTABLE, which I’m immensely proud of. PROMOTABLE™ is essentially a 6-week intensive training and mentoring experience where I literally break down one of my most popular models with clients and walk them through it, step-by-step, end-to-end with me as their coach. A step-by-step, very practical program for emerging leader and first-time managers. That's me on the training and education front.

I also moonlight as an advisor to a number of corporate clients across a multitude of industries seeking to design new manager programs for their organisations. Covering many of the essentials like leading meetings and hiring employees to motivating others and staying calm under pressure and overcoming resistance to change, etc.

Turning back the clock a little - just as background - I started my career out in healthcare, as a registered nurse, graduate studies then then took me into mental health and psychiatry, which is when I really started managing teams and health services. After that I got myself a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws and became a lawyer, (and I hated lawyering by the way - so I went back to healthcare and ran an Australian biotechnology company for a while). I got itchy feet again and, after getting accepted into a decent business school, I endured the pain of taking myself through a Master of Business Administration, or MBA.

Then I returned to management-proper a few years after that, running a few multidisciplinary health services that included Primary Healthcare providers and the state-wide health service for Youth Justice for a while (essentially the dedicated healthcare provider for young offenders in custody). 

Perhaps lastly, I’m an Australian – I live in Melbourne with my beautiful wife Rachel and two young kids Madison and Henry (and a blonde slightly overweight Labrador named Evie).

So safe to say it’s been a little varied. But lots of fun and I wouldn’t change it.

Thanks for reading - hope you found it helpful!


Michael's Education

I hold degrees in business, law and health:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Melbourne, Melbourne Business School

Graduate Diploma, Legal Practice – College of Law

Master of Laws (LLM) – Monash University

Juris Doctor (JD) – Monash University

Graduate Diploma, Nursing Practice (Psych) – University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Nursing – Federation University


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